African day !

Onworld book day we had a fabulous african day.We sung songs and danced to african music we sold bookmarks,badges,door hangers,jigsaws, jewlery and face paints.On the stage we had an african story tent and told our african storys we had a non-school uniform day and had lots of fun.Every body really liked it and we also got thankyou letters.We had some african clothes and statues and lots of other things after a fantastic day we raised a fantastic amount of £ 366 .74  .We all had lots of fun and loved it.And watch this space for pictures to follow.

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Storytelling 2

Audrey from the library gave us some toys to help us tell our stories.

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Sense Poems

Today we were writing our sense poems. It was about being in Africa. The see,hear,feel,taste and smell needed to be in the poem. check the blog at the end of the week if you want to see our sense poems.


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A Closer Look

Have a look at Euan’s fact file.



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Finished Fact Files

Here are some of our fact finishes fact files.


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This morning we were improving our storyteling skills. We were trying out our eye contact,to speak clearer , our pace, voice and expression. Some people were brave enough to read out to the class . We practiced with The Tortoise and the Hare.We also had to practace our listening skills aswell. We need our storytelling skills for our African Day and for our Library visit.By Caitlin and Euan

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Mask instructions….

First of all we brought in clean, empty 4 pint milk cartons,

Then we used paper mache to cover it all up and left it to dry for 2 days,

We then painted them with a base colour so that you could not see any newspaper, we left it for a day or two then we put designs all over to make it look like an African mask.

                           Try making some of your own!

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African Masks



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Our African Stories

Last week for writing primary 7 were writing and planning storys

 We read a story called “the fox the crow and the cheese”.We  found out the moral of the story such as “dont trust flatterers” and lots more .

Then we made our own curious questions, these were questions we wanted an answer too, including why is the giraffe so tall ? ,Why do rhinos have horns ?,How did the lion get its mane and many more.

We also picked a curious question each and worked in pairs and planned our own story with a moral to answer the story and we are really enjoying it . 

Watch this space for the finished stories!

By Elise and Kelsey

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Hi, we are the Egypt group and we have been learning lots of facts about our country. Did you know that there are 110 pyramids in Egypts deserts and that the River Nile is 4160 miles long!

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